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Web site types

So, you want a website- but what's best for you? The best question to ask yourself is:

WHY do I need a website?

The answers to this will help us select the best website type for you. Hopefully the site types below will help you decide. If you already have a website- is it current? Or is it a liability? Old websites end be be seen as unused "cob-web" sites, both by users and search engines.

Static website

The information you want published doesn't change very often- company details, what you do, directions/map to your site, your selection of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that maybe you (or your receptionist) answer dozens of times a day? Even a basic website can save you time and money. Example: Newmarket Churches Together


You're selling things online. Unless it's just a few regular things, this will probably want to be dynamic, so you can delete items you no longer sell, and add your latest offering to it straight away. Accepting credit & debit cards online is the norm. Examples: Artistry in Cocoa


You need to reach people in many languages. Also usually a dynamic site, so your clients can switch languages as they go, if they need to. While we can translate small quantities of French and Spanish for you, probably best to either let us have properly translated text, or enter it yourself, especially for technical or colloquial sites. But not a problem to set up for you, We also have contact with professional translators for some languages. Example: Sista Dee

Content Managed

We supply the look and feel of the public website, and you or your staff upload your own content, add/edit/delete pages, images and lists of documents yourselves via a password protected suite of pages. You can even have a "hot news" section, for your latest offer or emergency info, which only appears when it's needed. I can also provide and customise WordPress websites. Examples: The Three Ways Pub, Bottisham Parish Council