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Website gadgets

The kind of things you can have on a website.

Contact form

Sounds simple- a form on your website so people can send you an e-mail message. However, it might be essential if your clients don't have access to their own PC and rely on friends or internet cafés for their web use. Examples might be people who travel, recent immigrants, people moving house, students and low incomes. Needs to be done properly, or hackers could misuse it for spamming. Good examples are the BethAri website and SOS Bus website.

Google mapInteractive mapping

With some maps, using your postcode as a guide is misleading- it can point people to the wrong place. We can create Google maps with the location points in exactly the right place. For example, this one of Newmarket town centre for Churches Together. They can be scrolled and zoomed seamlessly, so your clients can find you easily.

Image uploading/Photo Galleries

The picture your digital camera produces is probably too big for use on a website as is- but you can upload it and have it resized automatically to the right size for your pages. This can be useful for e-commerce websites, where you might want both a thumbnail (small) and larger image. We can also incorporate a photo gallery or slideshow to display your images. See the SOS Bus website for example.

Content Management System (CMS)

This is where you update the website yourself. This can be as simple or as complex as you feel you can handle, most of my clients prefer simplicity as they are not technically minded. However, this doesn't mean you can't have a rich website. We can arrange for pictures to be automatically resized for the web. (see above). Documents can be uploaded and listed in date, alphabetical, or any other order you fancy, such as newsletters or minutes. If you want complete control, we can let you add, edit and delete pages yourself. But we specialise in customising the CMS to suit what you need.

E-commerce/shopping carts

Need to sell something online? We  can add a shopping cart, if you'd like people to buy more than one thing at once, and integrate it with PayPal or another credit card service. You'll also be able to add and edit your own products as you change your stock, and they'll appear straight away on your website.

Favourites icons (favicons) Favicons

You'll see these on many famous websites- they're part of the branding. While they're tiny (16x16 pixels) they do help users find your website in their list of favourites, by having an unique little picture to remind them of you! While they could be made from any image, simpler is better for these.

This article is translated into Serbo-Croatian by Jovana Milutinovich from It has also been translated into French by Kate Bondareva. We're guessing they like the way we translate technology into plain English!