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There is no real fixed price for a website, it really does depend on what you want it to do. Also, even on a static website, the design of the "look" of the page is very time-consuming. However, we can quickly install a "modular" admin section, so you can be adding your own content while we get the look the way you'd like it.

I usually include the first year's maintenance in the setup price, so that any problems that arise on first use can be resolved.

For example:

A basic website that is mobile-friendly, that you can update yourself, with a standard web address (e.g:,, .com) which does not need extra graphic elements or complicated design would be in the region of £300-£500. The price will go up to match the complexity, but we will ONLY add the elements you need.

We can also offer easy payment options, for example by monthly standing order, if that works for your cash flow better.

How to payPayment

Payment can be by cheque, payable to Bordaline Web Design, BACs transfer, standing order, cash or Paypal. Most work will require a deposit to be paid at the start, with the balance on completion, unless installments are negotiated. This is to cover payments for hosting or a domain name, as well as any specialised software that might need to be licenced to your website

Remember: I can tell you how much a website will cost- but not how much you will lose by not having one!