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Author's peace poems online - 03 Nov 2011

Bordaline has put Helios Publishing online, and with it the work of local poet Patricia Ann Rivers.

Peacemaker article

"John Borda has the ability and considerable skill needed to translate our quite exacting requirements for the way we wanted our Helios Publishing transactional website to look, feel, perform and be managed. (see He was enthusiastic, patient and capable of working flexibly over several months. By providing us with any-time access to the off-line website as it progressed we were able to collaberate on the design, user interface and development. John was happy to re-engineer his bespoke web content creation & management tools to enable us to be totally self-sufficient when laying out the content & site pages. Using these unique tools we are able to add, remove and edit the live site to keep it looking fresh and inviting. Without John we would have had to spend many thousands of pounds more to develop the site plus hundreds of pounds for any subsequent changes & additions." Barry Watts, Helios Publishing

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